Pushing Change Through

Organizations have several functions for maximizing productivity, performance, engagement, training, organizational development and executive coaching. KCI offers a new function that has not been available before: acquisition management. In other words, pushing through strategies and making effective changes comes to fruition.

Michelle Romanica (Canada) and I had the privilege of talking to a brilliant leader at Adobe last week. Ben is a principal in the newly formed customer marketing team for the Digital Enterprise Solutions Business Unit at Adobe. Ben is responsible for working across the Adobe organization to optimize the enterprise customer journey and provide customer input to help define Adobe’s industry leading customer experience solutions and CEM platform. The team’s role is to change perceptions, attitudes and skills that will directly lead to measurable defined results. Their job isn’t to define the change or make recommendations; it’s to make a new culture come to life.

The best way to think about this new function, perhaps, is to think about the challenges that come after defining a strategy and breaking it down into operational bites. There is one last function which leads to acquisition that is highly needed, especially when not everyone is eager to cooperate.

Client review: A large client in the food industry went through an organizational change transition from a more traditional, top down culture to a Servant /Leadership culture. A 180 degree value based change isn’t easy for most people and it is certainly more difficult when your team has lived in the old culture for more than 20 years. The company’s director of manufacturing felt it was important all managers were on board: “We have included everyone in this process, but not all line managers have adopted the new culture. We really wanted to see them make a smooth transition. Most of them have worked with us for over 20 years and we’d really hate to see them go.”

Typically, organizational change efforts cannot guarantee success. In this case the criteria for success was a transformation, noticeable by direct reports and indirect internal clients. The change, or defined desired results, was assessed by using KCI Solution Assessment based on the evaluation of several factors measuring consistent, long lasting attitude and behavioral changes in managers’ behavior.

“We are so impressed with this transformation, its wide impact and sustainability. This is particularly exciting because of the short time it took us to engage our people to use it. I had never understood what was at the heart of organizational change as I understand it now. This process not only allowed us to achieve the transformation we were looking to establish, it built our capacity to continually change and adapt throughout the organization.”

Organizational development, training, coaching, and other change tools are highly important tools, but with the resistance to change they all have very low success rates for change. If you combine the tools and abilities your organization is already using for maximizing your organization’s potential and by using the KCI Solution Assessment the potential becomes reality.

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