The Application Test: Cooperation vs. Application

To successfully change other people, and especially people who do not want to change, requires overcoming many traps, one of which is overcoming the power that habits and years of repetition have on people.

We are all creatures of habit. Studies show that people resist changing and making needed adjustments even when their health depends on [...]

People Who Do Not Want to Change are Blocking Your Organization From Growing

“Probably the most important thing for us right now is alignment and structure. Growing successfully beyond a start-up requires us to align the functions of different departments under a clear vision. Most of our team is accustomed to responding moment by moment, so we are not focused in our efforts. In my opinion we [...]

Leading Up to a Crisis

“Tomas is a relatively young manager. He has just inherited an environment that is post-turnover of 2 other directors before him, all taking place in the last six months. At this point Tomas has to deal with a full-blown breach of trust. Three of the senior scientists in our R&D department reporting to Tomas, have [...]

When Some of the Team is Ignoring Needed Changes

“We have experienced several waves of growth over the past two years. In the first year we  quadrupled in size, and we are now ten times bigger than we were two years ago. With growth came new challenges and I’d like to see that we remove them out of our way.” (CEO, Security software industry)

Johan [...]

Accelerating the Acquisition of Skills

We tend to think of people who do not want to change as specific difficult individuals who block a team’s ability to optimize its potential, but in fact, in most organizations, 90% of the people in those organizations should be included in this category.

“The new team leader is phenomenal. Her energy and incentives have made [...]