What's Your Team Brain IQ?

The first intelligence test was created in 1905 to determine which French school children were too “slow” to benefit from regular instruction. The idea was that children were increasingly able to learn difficult concepts and perform difficult tasks as they got older.

How quick is your team able to benefit from new opportunities and knowledge? How capable is your team when it comes to learning and processing difficult concepts and tasks?

Of course your team’s brain is not determined by the intelligence of individuals on your team. It is dictated by the strategies the team uses in practice. For example, a team brain that is programmed to be negative and dismissive will not optimize creativity. It may be that certain individuals on your team are extremely innovative and creative, but it is the strategies the team practices that will either allow innovation or not.

A team brain, just like the brain of individual people, reinforces certain strategies. Just like the strategies reinforced by individuals shape their personality and choices, the strategies reinforced by the team brain shape the team’s culture and decisions.

How is the team brain in your organization wired? Which strategies are being reinforced in practice and how are they affecting the team’s ability to access it’s full potential?

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