Resilience: The Ultimate Toolkit for Your Team's New Year's Projections

Olafur Grimsson, the president of Iceland recently spoke about Iceland’s growth coming out of the crisis of 2008: a complete collapse of Iceland’s banking system, and the economic crisis that followed. What most people don’t know is that this crisis was followed by a dramatic volcanic eruption. In Grimsson’s words: “If you were given the laboratory task of testing the resilience of a nation, I can’t imagine a tougher way to do it…”

Three years later Iceland has recovered from the crisis in ways no one could have predicted. Among other things Grimsson attributes this recovery to the ability to open all systems to wide critique. He explains that Iceland’s resiliency is, to a great degree, a result of the ability to self-assess. That’s not an easy thing to do. It’s not something most of us do well.

In business, resilience has many faces: it is the ability to cope with stress and adversity, to bounce back from a crisis and to become stronger, moving forward both as individuals and as teams. Achieving success in anything requires failing and bouncing back, often more than once. Without the ability to bounce back and continue, many teams cannot learn and grow, and once a crisis does hit, they don’t have what it takes in order to reestablish success. The ability to self-assess is certainly an important component of resilience as are a positive outlook, determination and other abilities. It is probably one of the most important components you’ll have to consider if you anticipate growth or change in your company in the coming year.

But have you ever considered what it takes in order to equip an individual or a team who are not resilient with this one ability to self-assess?

For teams who are not resilient to start changing the way they respond to challenges, teams need to change the way their brain is wired. New key strategies associated with seeing reality and receptiveness are great examples of some of the prerequisite strategies that are required.

How resilient is your team? Do team members really see reality and are they open and receptive enough to put egos aside to allow for effective self assessment?

Wishing you a fabulous new year!



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