Do We Need a New Definition for Resistance?

I have been struggling with defining what resistance is lately, and I agree we need new terms for the resistance itself and for the response people have to their own resistance.

The easiest way for me to think of resistance is in terms of physics, to think of friction. Resistance, especially when it comes to change, [...]

Can You Outsource IT Change Management?

It is imperative to have IT change done by people in the organization.

In IT in particular (we find it to be one of the trickiest most illusive change implementation challenges)  the answers for successfully implementing change are surprising.

Here are some myths I find you don’t need to worry about:
1. You don’t need the [...]

Why Do We Accept the Idea That You Can't Change People Who Don't Want to Change?

We are never going to always be able to change people who don’t want to change. Thankfully, or hopefully, in a business environment, people will always have the choice not to cooperate. We morally oppose the idea of changing people who don’t want to change. But there are many situations in which doing our damnedest to change people who don’t [...]