Key Change Institute is a research, training, certification, and consulting organization with HQ in San Diego, CA. Our certified change leaders make difficult change simple by using tested proven models that were specifically designed for difficult change. We provide groundbreaking business performance improvement and change execution solutions utilizing the latest neuroscience research. We help businesses successfully manage the unlearning-relearning process and overcome resistance, both visible and invisible, to achieve impactful, lasting results.

Historically, change has not come easily for most people, especially those in the business world. Today, however, constant change has evolved into the norm, escalating workplace stress levels and challenging those who need to change like never before.  KCI’s groundbreaking methodologies offer a new validated solution for making difficult change simple and for executing sustainable workplace changes.

KCI is a thought leader in the area of long-term, positive, effective change. Bringing together the power of new science and tested change management expertise. KCI’s systems  and principles have been successfully implemented in organizations ranging from Fortune 500s  such as NIKE, Avaya, GSK, and Philips Medical to medium sized companies in a large variety of industries, military units, and government agencies. More about our clients.