The art and science of changing people who don't want to change
New Book
New Book

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Reut Schwartz-Hebron is the founder of Key Change Institute (KCI) and the author of the new book The Art and Science of Changing People Who Don’t Want to Change. This exciting new book offers a groundbreaking look at how new discoveries in brain science challenge our standard ways of thinking about change. Reut Schwartz-Hebron illustrates how validated brain based change methodologies can be applied to individuals and teams in organizations. She has created a new, research based solution for identifying and engaging resistance, which if not addressed head on will make change impossible. Her simple, non-intrusive methods to overcome resistance result in lasting change. Reut’s book introduces Key Change Institute’s proprietary Five Stage Acquisition System that quickly enables an individual to acquire new abilities and behavioral habits, resulting in accelerated, transformational change

“…one of those rare books that you’ll want to take to heart, read it, study it, share it with your team. The more time you invest in this process, the greater the return for your team and your organization!“ Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 Leadership award winner: Recognized as the #1 leadership thinker in the world

This exciting new book offers a groundbreaking look at how new discoveries in brain science challenge our standard ways of thinking about change in teams and organizations. The book shows how our reliance on old models stands in the way of effectively managing change. It offers a new tested solution for executing change, introducing a new way to engage resistance and overcome it.

“An intriguing examination of how the way the brain works can influence behavioral change in teams. The book builds step-by-step to a science-based but user-friendly method of creating change in people who resist change (virtually all of us!). It is a worthwhile read and useful addition to the thoughtful manager’s library.” Eric Flamholtz, Professor Emeritus of Management, Anderson School, UCLA and President, Management Systems Consulting Corporation.

“This is a great read to prevent stagnation or conflict in your organization through times of change – and to alter your own thinking about change blockers and change pathways.” Kelly Karius, author of This is Out of Control! A Practical Guide to Managing Life’s Conflicts.

“People do change, yet not by using traditional change management strategies. Reut has done an incredible job of debunking the myths leaders hold about change and then providing a system based on moving people into action quickly.” Dr. Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, author of Outsmart Your Brain: How to Make Success Feel Easy.
“There is magic in this book. As someone who used this system it was like turning on the switch. It will give you access to abilities you didn’t know you had. This system was developed by one of the most brilliant minds I know and it will impact your life. Written in an easy-to read format with well-defined steps, it is a treasure for organizations and managers everywhere.” Carey Harrington Adolfsson, CEO,Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts.

“Through this book, Ms. Schwartz Hebron has potentially provided the tools to influence human interactions more positively and completely than any other observer of human behavior. This work is truly a gamechanger and a must read.” F. Nicholas Jacobs, previous President of Windber Medical Center and the Windber Research Institute.