Pushing Change Through

Adobe organization to optimize the enterprise customer journey. Typically, organizational change efforts cannot guarantee success. In this case the criteria for success was a transformation, noticeable by direct reports and indirect internal clients. [...]

Dr. Seuss and Team Dynamics

Change their programming and you’ll give people more effective strategies to get exactly what they want instead of living in an unhealthy [...]

Transformational Innovation Workshop

We now know that thinking a certain way can produce [...]

The Best Leadership Workshops on Planet Earth

You tell us which skills or abilities are missing and we will tailor the KCI workshop so that the skills to achieve productivity or innovation is in their hands in 8 to 12 weeks time. [...]

Alice’s Adventures in Managementland

How skilled are your people when it comes responding to [...]

Which Criteria Are You Using to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Training?

Studies show that training efforts lead to less than 10% [...]