“We are ecstatic with the process and the results are undeniable.”

Gregg Flickinger – Director of Manufacturing Snyder’s Lance Inc.

“…KCI deepened my ability to develop my team in a deliberate manner, thereby obtaining lasting results that I did not imagine I could achieve so quickly”

Sydney Morgan Diamond, CFO Sound Telecom

“Under KCI’s guidance, Human Resources regained the meaning of treating people as powerful resources, and not just frustrating pawns in a very difficult chess game. I can’t recommend KCI highly enough.”

James Fairfield M.D. Owner

"I’ve applied the KCI system in my own life with amazing results. Its integration of advances in brain science and practical application to change within organizations makes it a truly ground breaking technology that can benefit any one, and any team."

Karen Workman, Co-Director 20-10 Consulting, LLC

“The Key Change process is for me, stunning in its simplicity. By identifying desired outcomes, the ones that really mattered to me, and then using their process as a way of establishing a hierarchy of values, I achieved real behavioral change.”

Carol Sage Silverstein
HR Director
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Over the years we’ve worked closely with change leaders in numerous small and large client organizations. We’ve supported improvement and growth in a variety of industries. These include:

  • HighTech organizations
  • Telecomm corporations
  • Manufacturing corporations
  • Banking corporations
  • Insurance corporations
  • Pharmaceutical corporations
  • Hospitals and other Health organizations
  • Aerospace corporations
  • Agriculture corporations
  • Construction corporations
  • Education organizations
  • Retail corporations
  • Government organizations
  • Non-profit organizations