Our team of consultants makes difficult change simple. We do this by guiding teams and organizations through a simple step-by-step process for implementing lasting change.


Here are the 7 most common factors that make change difficult:

  1. A big shift: the new way of doing things is very different from the old way of doing things.
  2. A big gap: different groups or layers in the organization have very different perspectives about the way the problem or the solution need to be defined.
  3. Duration: people have been practicing the old way of doing things for a long time.
  4. Visible Resistance: blunt and direct.
  5. Invisible Resistance: passive, may be disguised as agreement but clearly identifiable because agreement is not followed by action.
  6. Low trust.
  7. Dysfunctional politics.

One of these is enough to make change difficult, but more often than not, when it comes to difficult change, 2 or more of these apply. Are there difficult change efforts in your organization?


At KCI we understand that successfully implementing difficult change requires more than just focusing on action. You also need to understand behavior.

Our clients know that when they deal with difficult change, traditional change models are not enough. They know that despite their best efforts to educate, include and involve people, explain the rational, and tell people what’s in it for them, needed changes may not be adopted because people don’t want to let go of old ways of doing things. When it comes to difficult change, managing the way people behave and respond is often just as important as managing goals and tasks.

Without understanding the behaviors that influence change, without understanding how people respond to change, difficult change can be a very difficult journey. Frustration, complicated dynamics, missed deadlines, slow progress, lack of implementation of needed changes and many fiscal costs are highly likely.

When it comes to difficult change efforts, KCI brings a powerful combination of neuroscience research and practical experience to help create real and lasting change.

KCI’s consultants achieve this by guiding teams and organizations through a simple step-by-step implementation process.

We have proven success working with clients like NIKE, Avaya, Intel, and many other organizations such as hospitals, manufacturing corporations, high tech companies, universities, and government agencies.

KCI offers comprehensive change implementation solutions:

  • Helping you choose a successful change implementation design.
  • Change Readiness Workshops: equipping the leadership of the change to effectively hold people accountable as well as successfully expose and overcome resistance.
  • Diagnostic: Identify the bottleneck/s that need/s to be addressed in order for needed changes to be implemented, the ¬†behavioral goals/responses/thinking strategies required to achieve desired results, and the abilities needed in order for new behaviors to become the new default.
  • Implementation: Change facilitation with very high success rates.

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