Training, Coaching, and Certifying In-House Change Leaders and Other Change Professionals

Both in-house change leaders and other change professionals often need to be in a better position to manage and facilitate difficult change. KCI provides change leaders and as well as coaches and consultants with the support, coaching, training (and in some cases certification) to make difficult change simple.

Our clients know that when they deal with difficult change, traditional change models are not enough. They know that despite their best efforts to educate, include and involve people, explain the rational, and tell people what’s in it for them, needed changes may not be adopted. When it comes to difficult change, unique models, principles, and steps are required in order to ensure successful adoption, execution, and implementation.

KCI’s change leaders follow a simple step-by-step implementation process to ¬†guide teams and organizations to:

  • Go beyond awareness to get change adopted into practice in a lasting way.
  • Define both Task-Oriented Goals and Unlearning Goals.
  • Successfully adopt needed behaviors, responses, and thinking habits by effectively and efficiently managing the letting go (unlearning) process of previous ways of doing things.
  • Accurately identify and successfully overcome different types of resistance.
  • Provide clients with the right combination of Performance-Related Skills and Change-Readiness Skills.
  • Facilitate small daily change through Experience-Based Learning (rather than only through communication).
  • Successfully support non-coachable individuals.
  • Get leaders “change-ready.”
  • Build a highly effective, positive, and empowering accountability structure.
  • Gain buy-in and establish an all-in Change Leadership Team.
  • Manage difficult change at scale in a focused, lean, and highly effective way.
  • Learn from case studies and from the experience of other leading organizations in a variety of different industries.

Over the years, KCI has trained and certified hundreds of change leaders and change professionals. To learn more about KCI’s services, contact Reut Schwartz-Hebron at