Training, Coaching, and Certifying In-House Change Leaders and Other Change Professionals

Focus, clarity, and a proven step-by-step process which mark the shortest and most effective route to desired results are the extremely powerful toolkit KCI offers. The KCI Method introduces high change implementation success rates and a proven record of reaching well defined desired outcomes. These make us uniquely qualified to support and facilitate difficult change.

Our clients typically know many other change models and look for models that will specifically help with difficult change. They know that in some situations, despite best efforts to educate, include and involve people, explain the rational, and try to get buy-in, resistance and other more invisible obstacles block progress. KCI offers a comprehensive method specially for when change is the hardest. KCI provides change leaders with the support, coaching, training (and in some cases certification) to make difficult change simple:

  • Training in house change leaders: While all certified KCI change experts are more than capable of leading change themselves, our change philisophy is different. With the exception of coaching individual executives, KCI typically opts to train in house individual change leaders or a change-leadership-team to facilitate the change instead. Contact us to find out if this revolutionary approach to change management is right for you.
  • Executive and other one-on-one coaching: Certified KCI change experts use a unique model to guide individuals (both coachable and non-coachable) from discomfort or disagreement to desired outcomes. KCI experts provide clarity, focus, and empowering result-oriented guidance to guide people to their desired outcomes. Using the KCI Method KCI experts help individuals unlearn, overcome invisible obstacles, and adopt new abilities and skills that directly lead to desired outcomes.
  • Certification: Over the past 10 years KCI trained and certified hundreds of HR professionals and change leaders. We love to share our many lessons learned from our work with numerous organizations over the year. KCI offers three levels of certification:
  1. Individual: Coachable and Non-Coachable Individuals
  2. Team Development
  3. Change Management.

To learn more about KCI’s services, contact Reut Schwartz-Hebron at