Speaking and Keynote Presentations

Reut Schwartz-Hebron Bio

KCI is a worldwide leading expert in the area of change implementation. We present on a variety of related topics, mainly for change leaders in organizations and in professional conferences.

Sample presentation topics:

  • Change Management: How to Implement Change at Scale.
  • Beyond Awareness: 7 Overlooked Keys for Getting Change Unstuck.
  • Developing Change Readiness.
  • The HR Challenge: Guiding Teams to Make Required Changes when 90% of People Do Not Want to Change
  • The Seven Invisible Pitfalls of Change Management

Some conferences and events KCI team members presented at in the past include:

For a full list of past presentations, for speaking evaluations, and for refrences, please contact Reut Schwartz-Hebron at reut@keychangenow.com