Making Difficult Change Simple

Key Change Institute is a national organization that provides groundbreaking performance improvement and business execution consulting services rooted in brain science. We help businesses implement difficult change by anticipating resistance and guiding you through a simple step-by-step implementation process. We create lasting change by importing the know-how into your organization so managers are equipped to “trickle-down” the change.

Anticipating Resistance

Key Change Institute believes that people are capable of making difficult changes but traditional change management strategies get in the way. In order to make the needed adjustments, people need to address and overcome their resistance to change at the beginning of the change process.

A Scientifically Proven Brain-Based Change Solution

We use the latest developments in brain science technology to help business leaders become the change agents their organizations need to survive in today’s fluid business climate.

A Step-by-Step Process for
Executing Difficult Change

Some change efforts are more difficult than others. Change is difficult but thanks to brain science, it doesn’t have to be complicated:

- Your organization is trying to implement improvements but you see a “knowing-doing” gap and needed improvement is not translated into practice.

- Your organization’s brilliant, technically valuable manager doesn’t work well with others, in spite of extensive coaching and training.

- Managers are unwilling to acknowledge improvement is needed.

- The multi-million dollar IT initiative is technically complete, but the new hardware is being used as a paperweight and employees are not using the new system.

- You inherited a “difficult” team and despite your best efforts you find they are very hard to manage and motivate.

- Your organization is implementing a new initiative but key people are highly resistant and unwilling to cooperate.

Using new science, Key Change Institute provides step-by-step successful solutions to simplify the implementation of difficult change.