Making Difficult Change Simple

KCI provides groundbreaking performance improvement and change implementation consulting services rooted in brain science. We train, coach, and certify change leaders to implement difficult change by guiding you through a simple step-by-step implementation process. We help you create lasting change by importing the know-how into your organization.

KCI supported hundreds of change leaders in organizations to make difficult change simple with:

  • Coachable and non-coachable individuals.
  • Team  Development.
  • Change at scale.

Find out what makes our models and training unique.

A Step-by-Step Process for
Implementing Difficult Change

Not all change is created equal. Do two or more of the following preexisting conditions apply to the specific change you are dealing with?

  • Big Shift: New way of doing things is very different than previous way of doing things.
  • Big Gap: Different groups or levels in the organization define the issue or the solution differently.
  • Long Duration: Previous way of doing things has been practiced for a long time.
  • Low Trust.
  • Active Resistance.
  • Invisible Resistance or Fake Buy-in.
  • Dysfunctional Politics.

While even one of these conditions can make change difficult, two or more require putting in place distinct processes and taking specific steps. Using new science, KCI provides step-by-step successful solutions to simplify and ensure the implementation of difficult change.